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  1. Why Website Security is crucial for your online presence

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    Since March 2020 the website hacking is at an all-time high. As per Wordfence,  In April 2020 Over 900, 000 WordPress sites were attacked from 24,000 distinct IP addresses, resulting in information stealing.

    This sudden rise in attacks is eyebrow-raising and worrisome, as it has considerably increased the possibility of …

    • loss of customer’s data
    • loss of customer trust
    • loss of revenue
    • pricy website coding repairing

    Such stats should never impact the behavior of your customers. Without taking security measures you can lose valuable visibility.

    Let us help you gain your customers’ confidence in shopping on your website.

    What’s compromising your website security?

    1. Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is a popular choice for its lower price. It might appear to be a good deal at first, but unknowingly you are putting your site in danger. In this kind of hosting, there is a possibility that your records aren’t treated appropriately. Being shared in nature, it becomes easier for hackers to steal server resources. GET SECURE HOSTING

    1. Irregularity in CMS Updates

    If you are not updating your website software, plugins, and CMS on time and with proper measures, you might be creating a path to cyber attacks. Also, plugins that are no longer in use and still existing in your system are a threat. Such plugins should be removed rather than disabling.

    1. Absent SSL Certificate

    A very frequently asked question is do all sites need an SSL certificate? Well, yes. SSL keeps the sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted. This way only the intended recipient can access it and your site remain safe.

    So, if you want your customers to trust you, it is important that you have an SSL certificate, especially sites with a shopping cart, contact forms, or login functionality.

    1. Server Crash

    Loss of data due to server crash is quite a possibility and the reasons could be anything, from hardware issues to code-breaking or configuration error to plug-in error. If it happens under any circumstances, you will surely have to face security issues. But, if you have a backup, you can prevent the permanent loss of data.

    What can we do for you?

    In cut short, we clean and protect your site in the following ways:

    • Advanced security monitoring
    • Providing secure hosting and limited support
    • Running a security site audit
    • Managing and removing redundant plugins
    • Managing different levels for users access
    • Implementing SSL certificate
    • Securing your computer system from hacking using FTP

    In the digital world, security has always been a top priority. A fully secured website ensures that it fights all attempts of information stealing and we can help you with what is available the best in the industry.

    Secure your site now!