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Prioritizing Security Compliance and Communication

By Anjali Tolani |

Digital Footprints has always adhered to the strict brand guidelines and security compliances. Digital Footprints and our partners have always been operating digitally and been particular about adopting the safe mode of working and communication, in every situation. In the wake of the virus, when the world is still moving to digital platforms now, Digital… Read More »


Data Protection Laws : Is your business compliant ?

By Praveen Hinduja |

Did you know over the past 10 years, there have been 300 data breaches involving the theft of 100,000 or more records? 71% of these breaches were financially motivated. Data Breach can cause losses worth millions of dollars to your business if you do not do the good part of protecting your customer’s data. Data… Read More »


Why Website Security is crucial for your online presence

By Harsh Shah |

Since March 2020 the website hacking is at an all-time high. As per Wordfence,  In April 2020 Over 900, 000 WordPress sites were attacked from 24,000 distinct IP addresses, resulting in information stealing. This sudden rise in attacks is eyebrow-raising and worrisome, as it has considerably increased the possibility of … loss of customer’s data… Read More »


Why it’s important to invest in marketing during COVID – 19

By Anjali Tolani |

The pandemic has created economic disruption in almost every business sector.  The education, retail, logistics, finance, entertainment, transportation, and manufacturing are the hardest hit sectors in the current market, suffering huge losses and facing high uncertainty. Are you letting the fear of mounting losses to cut down your expenses on all levels, including marketing expenditure?… Read More »


Back Office 24×7 365™

By Praveen Hinduja |

We become your Back Office 24×7 365™



Digital Footprints, one of the pioneers of delivering complete digital marketing services was founded in the year 2014 by Steve. Amalgamating knowledge in the business domain and a professional team of tech expertise while implementing the best standards and latest technology, we ensure our customers are served with the best quality solution to suit your business requirements.

We believe in customizability because we know in marketing every business come across unique challenges and has distinctive expectations. Read More >