Prioritizing Security Compliance and Communication

Digital Footprints has always adhered to the strict brand guidelines and security compliances. Digital Footprints and our partners have always been operating digitally and been particular about adopting the safe mode of working and communication, in every situation.

In the wake of the virus, when the world is still moving to digital platforms now, Digital Footprints has always been prepared. Today, the entire team can execute every possible task digitally, with the least effort and time. There are multiple teams working remotely, including offshore teams across the world, accomplishing every assignment seamlessly.

Adhering to its security compliances, Digital Footprints and its partners have always used only secured applications to communicate. Amazon Chime, being one of the most trusted tools, is being used by the organization for all correspondence or meetings with internal teams, clients, sales prospects, affiliates, or stakeholders.

All correspondence meetings are recorded and shared mutually to keep the record for future reference. On mutual consent and agreement, a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed for the same.

Digital Footprints strictly prohibits using any of the free applications, specifically Zoom, Google Meets, etc. for the business, due to increasing security concerns.

Through this press release, Digital Footprints doesn’t mean to endorse any brand, vendor, product or service. Being a digital brand,  the primary focus has always been on the security, privacy and service of every client or stakeholder association. Using a secured mode of connection ensures that every conversation, data, or any correspondence if saved or stored by Digital Footprints, is completely safe.


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